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Nutrition Services

Your doctor may refer you to our registered dietitians, or you may request nutrition services at any of our office locations.
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Nutrition and Chronic Kidney Disease:  many important jobs to keep the body healthy. These jobs include: getting rid of wastes and excess fluid, balancing fluids and certain chemicals in the body, removing drugs and toxins from the body and releasing important hormones that help make red blood cells, regulate blood pressure and keep the bones healthy. The goal of your treatment is to slow or prevent your kidney disease from getting worse. DIET is an important part of your treatment plan. In fact, your diet may change depending on how much kidney function you have. Making changes in the foods you eat may help slow further kidney damage. Certain nutrients such as protein, calories, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and fluid may need to be adjusted to meet your changing needs.

What Steps Can I Take To Make Changes In My Diet for Chronic Kidney Disease?

1. Ask your doctor for a referral to our registered dietitian who specializes
in diets for kidney patients
Keep a food diary of what you eat daily and bring this with you when
you see the dietitian
Plan meals with your dietitian that provide the right amount of calories, protein,
sodium, potassium and phosphorus, depending on your kidney function
Read food labels in order to make appropriate calorie, protein and sodium choices
Ask your dietitian for ideas on how to add extra calories if you are losing body
weight too quickly in diets for kidney patients
Ask your dietitian on ways to safely reduce calorie intake and increase
physical activity if you are gaining too much weight
Take only those supplements, vitamins, minerals and medications recommended
by your doctor
Making changes in the way you usually eat may seem overwhelming.
Our dietitian can help you to plan meals to fit these special needs while
still including many of your favorite foods.